To the Editor:

These are my opinions, not those of the Board of Education.

My name is Joe Broderick. I am the current President of the Board of Education in Bayonne. Last November, you re-elected me to serve another term and I thank you for that. It is an indication that the voters of Bayonne are pleased with the work that the Elected Board has been doing. Today, I ask the same consideration be given to my colleagues Carol Cruden, Charles Ryan, and Denis Wilbeck by re-electing them on Tuesday, November 5.

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Since the transition from an appointed board to an elected board, we have begun to change the culture and climate of the school district by adopting academic programs that focus on student growth and by approving procedures and protocols that target and eliminate wasteful spending.

Our academic initiatives and successes include: raising the passing grade from 65 to 70, increasing the BHS graduation rate from 81.0% to 91.2%, passing State QSAC monitoring for the first time since 2012, lobbying for money to open FULL day preschool programs in every elementary school, creating more vocational opportunities at BHS by bringing back automotive tech courses and creating the BHS College Academy in partnership with Hudson County Community College.

We have also been clear in our mission to address and eliminate wasteful spending by: hiring a Business Administrator who is a Qualified Purchasing Agent, introducing the GENESIS payroll program to assure that double-dipping does not occur and adopting a new purchasing manual for increased accountability.  We have  been working tirelessly and will unveil our plan to address the growing student population in the district in the near future.

The scope of duties these Trustees have been involved in is far-reaching and time consuming.  Carol, Chuck and Denis have successfully completed the training mandated by New Jersey School Board’s Association for the past three years and have demonstrated that they are committed to its values.  This team devotes a tremendous amount of time attending school programs and assemblies.  They are readily available for committee meetings and are visible at numerous civic and community events around town.  They are, in every respect, “School and Community Inclusive”.

Commitment, Experience, Integrity is a “complete team”. Each of them possesses a skill-set in management and decision-making that is necessary for this Board’s continued success. Carol retired Director of School Nurses, whose expertise is student health. Chuck retired Deputy Chief of Police, whose knowledge of school safety/security is vital to this Board. Denis retired School Administrator, whose experience in education is invaluable.  

Cruden, Ryan, Wilbeck have delivered on the pledge they made to you three years ago.  They know how things “used to be” and have fought hard to move the Board in a new direction. That is why they are not only The Smart Choice but also the right choice for Board Trustees. On November 5, please join me in voting for all 3 of them: Carol Cruden 7D, Charles Ryan 8D and Denis Wilbeck 9D

Joseph Broderick