Dear Republicans, Independents, and Commonsense Democrats of Bayonne,

My name is John R Cupo and I am running for 1st Ward Councilman. I am running as a Republican because our theoretically non-partisan elected officials have failed the first ward by continuing the painful politics of the Hudson County Democratic Party. They ignore our 1st Ward issues and the concerns of residents, pretend there is no burden on the taxpayer, and do whatever is good for the county Democratic political bosses.

Every town, regardless of which party dominates it, need at least one healthy and fully functional opposition party to keep the political system open and honest by serving the people as a loyal opposition and keeping an extra set of institutional eyes on those in power. Sadly, under the failed leadership of Vincent Cuseglio of the Bayonne Republican Party and Jose Arango, Chair of the Hudson County Republican Party, the local Republican Party has become a slave to the County Democrats. They have tried to neuter any opposition to their Democratic Party masters, underfunded Republican candidates, pretended local non-partisan elections meant they were heads of non-partisan organizations, and endorsed Democrats who have time and time again reach into your wallet for spending programs their friends get fat off of.

For all of the 1st Ward residents, this system of de facto one-party rule, aided and abetted by “Republican leaders” like Cuseglio and Arango, must end. This is the reason our ward has seen little to no flooding solutions, still needs more police, unfilled in potholes remain, and abatements have been handed out like candy. For a real Republican and real independent leadership that will say no to the Hudson County Democratic machine bosses and yes for 1st Ward Bayonne, vote John Cupo on November 5.