I first Submitted nominating Partitions in 2009 For Councilman at large

In The year 2010...I ran for first ward councilman.

What came of that was ...."Cupo Core Voters"  for John R Cupo

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And then in the year of 2015, 2016 ,2017 It was the school board election...In which Not enough votes to win...But Enough of "Cupo Core Voters"

But mainly my core support of "Cupo Core Voters" was in the first Ward.....Roughly 650 votes In the first Ward.

Hence and the statement "Cupo Core Voters"

So going into this First ward council seat race I have "Cupo Core Voters"

I have roughly 2000 signatures for Cupo.

The people told me  who signed...they were going to vote for me ...Which will be part and parcel of my "Cupo Core Voters"

They simply say Cupo you have my vote Along with my wife And the rest of my family that live in my household.

I am very active on social media All different forms of it.

To date I have spoken to over 6000 residents in the first Ward.

The general public in the first ward Deserve At least two debates With all the candidates.



John R. Cupo