BAYONNE, NJ - An off-duty federal law enforcement officer discharged a “short burst of pepper-spray” into the air on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to defend and prevent serious injury to a female victim that that had been assaulted by a group of female juveniles.

According to Lt. Eric Amato, the incident took place at approximately 3:05 p.m. in the are of 18th Street and Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne police were called to the scene on the report of a large fight, and learned that the officer was passing by and witnessed the assault taking place. His actions, according to Amato, cause the assault to end.

The officer is said to have approached a Bayonne Police Officer in the area and provided a detailed explanation of his observations and actions.  Several juveniles received on-scene treatment by EMS for pepper-spray exposure. No other injuries were reported.

The Bayonne Police Department Juvenile Aid Bureau is investigating.