Replacing a home comfort system can be an expensive endeavor. Remember that anything can be repaired, but at some point, it becomes more financially prudent to just replace the unit. Here are some helpful factors to keep in mind when making this decision:


  • Age of system – if the A/C or HVAC unit is less than 8 years old
  • The cost to repair is less than replacing. Here’s an easy formula for a rule of thumb:

(Cost of Repair) x (Age of Old Unit in Years) < (Cost of Your New System)

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Use the 5000 rule—multiply the age of your equipment by the cost of the repair, and if it exceeds $5,000, then you should replace your system. If it's less, go ahead and repair it.


  • Cost of repairs is too high/more than a new unit

(Cost of Repair) x (Age of Old Unit in Years) > (Cost of Your New System)

  • Your energy bills are too high – newer systems have greater energy efficiency
  • The HVAC unit is having a hard time keeping up and is becoming less efficient, this will only get worse with time
  • The A/C unit still uses R-22 refrigerant, which is in limited supply so costs will continue to increase
  • Your or your partner’s retirement is pending – avoid a large expense down the road on a fixed income

REPAIR, continued

Even if your system seems to be doing fine, there are many good reasons to get routine maintenance:

  • Your unit becomes less efficient over time as it accumulates dust, dirt and rust.
  • Most manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid.
  • Regular maintenance can extend the life of your unit about 3 years
  • Inspecting blower components during maintenance helps increase efficiency and quality

We recommend two tune-ups each year, one for your air conditioner and one for your furnace. With a maintenance agreement, these tune-ups and regular maintenance and repairs are offered at a discount and backed by a warranty.

For more information on maintaining your furnace or boiler, visit – a family-operated business based in Tinton Falls, founded in 1971.