PARKLAND, FL  — The LOVEMSD T-shirt fundraiser has now raised more than $200,000.  LOVEMSD, a project of the PTAs and PTOs of Parkland, Florida's public schools, helps the victims' families, first responders and Stoneman Douglas High School Memorial Fund, with all profits being donated to these causes. To date, the fundraiser has raised more than $204,632. 

Pam Ofstein, Riverglades PTA president said, "With all our love and support, Riverglades PTA is joining in support of the LOVEMSD fundraiser to show how much our Parkland families, friends and community mean to us. Each one of us was unfortunately touched by this tragic event and hope that by the power of coming together, MSD will become STRONGER and our community will continue to stand together. We thank Wizard Creations for helping to make this happen."

"There is strength in numbers. We at Park Trails Elementary PTA have decided to join forces with the other schools and PTAs to help make a difference. Our schools, community, and families have greatly been affected by this horrific event at MSD. We need to come together and support each other. Please help us continue to support Parkland. Thank you," said Lauren Benjamin, PTA president for Park Trails Elementary.

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Chanda James, Westglades PTA president, and Nikki Grant, Heron Heights Elementary PTO president, said, "The PTO/PTAs in Parkland started this initiative as way of helping our community through a horrific event. It was not the intentions of anyone involved to exclude others from helping and or participating in our goal to raise funds for those who were directly affected ... If anyone wants to help they can do so by sharing this page and spreading the word of our goal in facilitating the families to regain some semblance of life after such a horrible tragedy."

To purchase a shirt and contribute to the fundraiser, visit: