EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ — For those who love the winter, and that means cold weather and snow, your time is finally about to arrive. It just will not be with the storm is Saturday's forecast. 

All models now agree that with the dominating low pressure system taking up initial residence near the Great Lakes, it will mean too much warm air in most of New Jersey regions to allow for much snow. In addition, as the low moves towards our area, it will simply continue to pull warm air in from the south. 

Expect most, if not all, areas to see precipitation starting with snow on Saturday morning. The snow will quickly change to ice and then sleet in the afternoon, before changing to all rain throughout all areas except extreme northwestern New Jersey.  Accumulation in most areas will be a slushy coating to perhaps an inch, with perhaps up to three inches in higher elevations in the northwest portion of the state. Roads will be messy throughout Saturday, so exercise caution when driving.

The experts also agree that this is the beginning of a steady pattern of storms likely to occur over the next two to three weeks.  Colder air will take up residence in New Jersey for the extended period, and the long-range forecasts are starting to show a likely steady pattern of what could be significant snowstorms happening between the period near January 21and 22, and continuing through the second week of February.  As the storms get closer to reality, TAPInto will be here monitoring and updating forecasts.  Keep those boots and shovels nearby.