To Our Friends,

They say that whenever one door closes, another opens. After having the privilege of serving our customers and friends at Waves on Main for nearly a year, we have closed our kitchen’s doors due to circumstances beyond our control.

It’s been quite an amazing journey as we have made so many new friends in a relatively short amount of time. Nothing has been more rewarding than knowing our customers have enjoyed our homemade cooking and our service. The best part of our job has been to make sure our guests have left with smiles on their faces ... and to see those faces again and again.

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We want to thank everyone for their support along the way, particularly the talented bands and performers who have provided hours upon hours of unsurpassed enjoyment, and our staff who truly went above and beyond in making Waves on Main such a pleasurable dining experience for our guests.

We also are thankful for being embraced by Belmar’s warm and generous downtown community, which has made us feel so extremely welcome from the very beginning.

As we start to turn the handle of our new door of opportunity, we look forward to continuing our culinary journey in a new and exciting way. While it will be in a new place, you can be sure we will be doing what we love — and that always begins with making sure our customers are happy.

See you soon,                         

Kathy and Lou Farese