BELMAR, NJ — After being appointed mayor in April, I have enjoyed the variety of tasks that go along with the position. I have been invited to ribbon cuttings, special events, thrown out the first pitch at a Lakewood Blueclaws game (I threw a strike) and performed my first wedding ceremony in October. Television news stations have interviewed me, appearing on Channels 2, 4, 12 and other media outlets. I also take pride in being able to recognize Belmar residents who have accomplished notable achievements with proclamations at council meetings.

Perhaps my favorite highlight of the lighter side of being mayor was the Seafood Festival where I pardoned Larry the Lobster. Larry was a six-pound lobster donated by Chris Brandl of Brandl restaurant. After my official pardon decree, I handed Larry off to the Belmar Water Rescue Team to be released into the Belmar inlet, where he could enjoy his second chance at lobster life, free of rubber bands around his claws and never having to smell butter or appear on a restaurant’s menu.

As a young man growing up in Belmar, it was never my goal to be mayor, but I do remember friends suggesting that I would make a good mayor. After my appointment in April, I have taken the mayor’s position very seriously, and I promise to work as hard as possible to make residents proud of my tenure as their mayor.

I ask for your vote in November for mayor and please vote for Jennifer Nicolay and Mark Levis for council.