TRENTON, NJ — Gov. Phil Murphy has extended the public health emergency originally declared on March 9 for a fourth month.

Under the Emergency Health Powers Act, a declared public health emergency expires after 30 days unless renewed, which is what the governor did today. He signed the second extension on April 7 and third extension on May 6.  

“As we move forward with our restart and recovery plan, maintaining access to all resources available is essential,” Murphy said. “Extending the public health emergency allows us to continue to work to save lives, while safely and securely reopening our state’s economy.”

For a copy of Executive Order 151, click here. This public health emergency order is different than the stay-at-home order, signed by Murphy on March 21, which remains in effect until it is revoked or modified by the governor and does not require monthly extensions. For a copy of Executive Order 108, click here