TINTON FALLS, NJ — Amid global uncertainty, it is important to take the time to honor those in the waste and sanitation industry, who are ‘hauling’ on in order to keep the world clean. Mazza Recycling honored those workers on Global Recycling Day, joining individuals, communities and businesses across the world on March 18 in showcasing the important role recycling plays in preserving the future of our planet.

Global Recycling Day, now in its third year, aims to encourage the world to remember that recycled commodities are a resource and not waste. This year’s theme is “Recycling Heroes,” focusing on the people, places and activities that showcase what an important role recycling plays in contributing to an environmentally stable planet and a greener future which will benefit all.

The hashtags #GlobalRecyclingDay and #RecyclingHeroes curated activities of people across the world, sharing what they are doing throughout the day to collect waste and recycling, and prevent the spread of germs.

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“This Global Recycling Day comes at a time when we need recycling heroes more than ever,” said Mazza Recycling Vice President Dominick Mazza. “The recycling industry plays a crucial role in the preservation of the environment, as well as public health globally. During these difficult times, the men and women of the recycling industry are doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus at the front line, by continuing to pick up citizens’ waste and recycling, despite many health and safety challenges. We are honoring and protecting our staff as best we can, and just like the doctors and nurses during this time, we are grateful that they continue to carry out their public service.”

Global Recycling Day also honors the benefits of recycling on the economy and the environment. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), U.S. scrap recyclers process 138 million metric tons of scrap metal, paper, plastics, electronics, textiles, glass and rubber, annually, creating significant energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving natural resources and limiting the amount of material that would otherwise be sent to landfills. In addition to these critical environmental benefits, the scrap recycling industry also provides much-needed support to the U.S. economy and trade balance.

The United States annually exports nearly 40.4 million metric tons of scrap commodities valued at $20 billion to buyers in more than 150 countries around the world.

About Mazza Recycling

Mazza Recycling is a client-centric operation, providing exceptional waste collection, recycling and disposal services in a cost-effective, safe manner while protecting and improving the environment in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Our Tinton Falls-based facility currently boasts a 70,000-square-foot transfer station and material recovery facility (MRF) which houses the best available recyclable recovery equipment.

Mazza’s solar-powered MRF extracts wood, concrete, shingles, plastic, cardboard and scrap metal, which are then recycled in Mazza’s other recycling divisions.