Watch for a new contest every Wednesday at noon on Belmar Police Department's Facebook page.

BELMAR/LAKE COMO, NJ — Belmar Elementary School fifth-grader Jenna Sharin was the only student to solve four riddles in a recent Belmar Police Department home instruction contest.

Here are the correctly answered questions that earned her the victory:

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  • You are standing at the Belmar train station. You notice the train is full of people and about to depart as the train doors close. You look again and don’t see a single person on the train. Why?
    • Everyone on the train was married. (Couldn’t see a “single” person.)
  • How many letters are in the alphabet?
    • 11 (letters in the word, “alphabet”).
  • What comes once in a minute, twice in an instant but never in a hundred years?
    • The letter “T” (comes once in a minuTe, twice in an insTanT, never in a hundred years).
  • How can you stand behind your mother if your mother is standing behind you?
    • By standing back to back.

During home instruction, the Belmar police are holding weekly contests for Belmar and Lake Como children in prekindergarten through 12th grade. Winners can look forward to prizes that include pizza and other favorite foods delivered to their homes, as well as candy, gifts cards, toys, games and other surprises — all courtesy of the Belmar police.

Visit the department’s Facebook page every Wednesday at noon for details on each weekly contest.

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