HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - The  Amsterdam Elementary School community, including 19 students, two former students, two teachers and one parent, sat patiently as hair stylists trimmed their hair, which was collected and donated to Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that makes hairpieces for children who suffer from hair loss.

This was the 15th year that Amsterdam School has held this hair-cutting celebration at the school. In addition to providing about 276 inches of hair to the nonprofit organization, this year the school community also raised $1,100 in donations.

The annual school tradition started over 15 years ago in the classroom of fourth-grade teacher Lisa Caudill and has grown each year since. That year, Caudill’s class provided support and encouragement to her as she grew her hair, cut it, and donated it.

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Now, Caudill organizes the program every year and invites the entire school community to participate. Over the years, the school has donated nearly 7,500 inches of hair, which woven together, would stretch for more than 1¼ mile.

The $1,100 in donations were collected through a hair extension fundraiser. Students and staff had the opportunity to purchase a pink or red hair extension and have it bonded to their hair with the proceeds going to Wigs for Kids.

Hillsborough-based Hair Plus employees donated their time at the hair extension fundraiser where they bonded extensions to the hair of students and staff,  and  also made the cut for the 24 hair donors.