LOVELADIES, NJ — Maria Logue writes "My hero strikes again." She shared that on February 20 — the day that her husband, Tom, a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier, helped rescue a man who was unconscious in his Loveladies home.  

Mr. Logue regularly delivers mail in the same Long Beach Island community and had a feeling that something was wrong with an elderly man who lived alone on his mail route. He noticed that the man hadn’t picked up his mail in a few days. He also saw that his lights were on during the day. Both were very unusual for this man. 

Logue knocked on his door and there was no answer.  He looked through the window and saw that the Loveladies resident was collapsed on the floor. He immediately called 911. 

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The man was unconscious but breathing when he was transported to hospital. "if it wasn’t for my hero ... he most definitely wouldn’t have been found and would have passed," Mrs. Logue said. "Great job, Tom, so proud of you."  

She continued, "We all take our mailmen for granted but what an incredible blessing for those who live alone and are elderly. The mail carriers are there six days a week and notice odd behavior. Especially this time of year when there’s not a lot of people around. So happy and proud that they keep a watch on their neighborhoods."

The current condition of the man is not known at this time. All involved are praying for his full recovery.

This is not Logue's first time helping a person in distress.    

On Father's Day in 2012, Tom Logue was on the beach and spotted a young boy on a bodyboard out in the water. He was being pulled out deeper and deeper by a rip current. 

Logue sensed there was something wrong, as if the child was too upset to even scream for help. A large wave suddenly came up and over the boy, hiding him from view, he recalled.

Logue said he ran to the water and swam to where the boy had been. He went underwater and pulled the boy up and, despite being knocked around by the current himself, he was able to hoist the boy onto his shoulders and bring him safely to shore. The boy’s father thanked Logue for saving his child’s life.

Tom was named 2012 National Hero of the Year for his actions on Father’s Day, when he saved that young boy. He was honored at a Washington, D.C., luncheon that recognized heroes by the National Association of Letter Carriers, a union representing 280,000 employees of the U.S. Postal Service