BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Oh thank heaven! For our new neighborhood 7-Eleven!  The area's leading Slurpee site has been open since December. Katie Mortaruolo Urban and Grace Mazzocchi, the owners of the new 7-Eleven on Springfield Avenue welcome the community to the grand opening festivities on Saturday, May 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

The festivities will include live music, clowns and children's activities.  They will be giving away free Slurpee, taquitos, coffee and much more.

Two generations later, the Mortaruolo family returns to the location that make up the fabric of Berkeley Heights. Urban and Mazzocchi's grandfather, Carmine Mortaruolo, opened up the famous Berkeley Bakery in 1967. The family operated bakery was a staple on Springfield Avenue until its closing in 1994.  

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The bakery was known for its Italian breads and victory cakes -- and the "Sloppy Joes" on the deli side.  "You know you're from Berkley Heights" -- when you remember Berkeley Bakery bread deliveries from house to house. 

Urban's father, known by the locals as "Sunny the Baker", took over the family business.  Mortaruolo made two attempts to sell the bakery, only to take the bakery back until finally closing in 1994. Both Urban and Mazzocchi remember their childhood days working in the bakery.

It's fitting that many years later, the cousins partner to open the 7-Eleven in the Mortaruolo family "spot."  

7-Eleven, known for its variety of Slurpees, coffee, energy drinks, fresh bakery items and sandwiches brought in daily. The tuna is phenomenal, said Urban. With 85 percent of the inventory being 7-Eleven, Urban said they are trying new things and changing the selection.  

7- Eleven is located at 417 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights.