With winter just a memory and the sun shining longer, it’s time for your yard to bloom again.

But an outdoor condenser HVAC unit, in all its metal glory, can be a real stumbling block to revitalizing your yard for the spring. If your unit doesn’t blend with your landscaping, consider these DIY-design options.

  1. A wall of flowers will definitely draw the attention away from your unit and to your natural floral beauties.
  2. Place a small white picket fence around your unit. Add a statement piece such as a weather vane or a flower box for a dramatic touch.
  3. Painted door screens or shutters can give you a homey, rustic feel. You can upcycle shutters or doors that you already have or search your local resale shops for the perfect ones.
  4. Plant hedges or tall potted plants around your unit. Make sure your plants are a good height to surround it. But, also ensure there is plenty of room around the unit for easy access and so debris can be removed.
  5. A paver wall is easy if plants and woodwork are not your thing. Ensure that it’s stable so that it will not damage your unit.
  6. Outdoor privacy screens are a good option if you do not have the time to build. You can find them at many retailers in varying sizes and colors.
  7. Consider a vertical garden. Instead of planting in the ground, design a pallet garden that surrounds your system.
  8. Cement block planter walls are fun for the whole family. Leave the cinder blocks natural or paint them whatever color you want. No matter what you do, it will be your own!

Whether you go all in with an advanced design or choose to purchase an outdoor privacy screen online, you can take your yard to the next, unique level when you beautify your outdoor HVAC unit.

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