Roxanne Dowell: A better voice for a better Berkeley Heights

My name is Roxanne Dowell and I am seeking to become your Berkeley Heights Township Councilwoman in the November 2014 general election. I ask for your support because I want to see a future Berkeley Heights that mirrors the opportunities provided to my children's generation. We know Berkeley Heights can be better off than we are now, but not without new leaders to speak out for all residents regardless of background or political beliefs.

I'm a 10-year resident of Berkeley Heights and am proud to raise my two children in the public school system. I have had a 25-year career in the private sector as a business leader, editor and columnist that has seen me work across the United States and even internationally. Since 2010 I have been the Production Coordinator for Stagelight Electric Productions, leading their promotional and organizational efforts in successfully holding concerts and performances across New Jersey. I’m proud that my company provides the sound, lighting and electricity for Berkeley Heights’ very own Mt. Carmel Festival as well as “Heights Fest” – it’s my way of giving back to the town I love. 

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I am running for Council because even though Berkeley Heights has a good deal going for us – it’s why I and many others have moved here – there’s a lot more our Town Council could do to make it even better. I agree with most residents that our downtown needs considerable improvement. We do not need more banks, nail salons or pharmacies. We need to encourage businesses that will help our community thrive, such as a bookstore, toy store, ice cream parlor or even an arcade or bowling alley. Public input is vital to persuading landlords and community leaders alike that these businesses would benefit them as well as all of us, and I believe actively seeking such input is a major responsibility of a Council member.  

 I also feel the Council should make much more of an effort to keep you informed on what’s going on at Town Hall and to seek your ideas and opinions. Putting things on a website and relying on an online news site to inform residents is  insufficient; there’s a definite communications “problem” when many residents placed out their bulk (spring) pickup last year without knowing the service had been canceled last year. If you believe Town Hall can do better to communicate and keep you informed, my extensive background in public relations – something the current Council does not have – is another good reason to vote for me.

While I am unopposed as a Democratic candidate for Township Council in the June 3rd primary election, I wanted to let you know who I am and why I am seeking to serve you well in advance of November. I’m proud to give the voters of Berkeley Heights the chance to provide a better voice for a better Berkeley Heights. I hope to earn your support!