Now more than ever, the residents of Berkeley Heights have a very clear-cut choice when voting for Township Council on November 3rd.

Craig Pastore and Kevin Hall have proven their love of our town by dedicating their time and service for all its residents. Their platform of civility, fiscal responsibility, service, transparency, and positive solutions to serious issues have been stated in many venues throughout this campaign.

The Independent candidate just doesn't get it! We are tired of her gimmicks and rhetoric: All she's got in her platform and township experience are no real past service to Berkeley Heights, bragging about her poorly constructed signs, tweeting, and what she "would do" if she could.

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The questionable legality of placing a monstrous "dumpster" displaying her various slogans on different sites in our town is another indication of her lack of respect for the appearance of the downtown area and its citizens. Is this her idea of how she will enhance the look of the business district?

We don't need another comedian on the council! We also don't need, nor want to earn, a new name of "Snickering Heights" from other towns or citizens either.

The Democratic candidates also have no regard for our beautiful town: they proudly state they would happily offer naming rights on buildings to the highest corporate bidders, thus robbing us of our small town identity. (Which we are proud of!) We're almost there! 

We need to vote for Pastore and Hall on November 3rd. They will bring added reason and pride to Berkeley Heights!