BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The first day of school can be exciting, daunting, and confusing all at once. Freshmen in high school face these emotions and many more, and may have more first day worries than upperclassmen who are already accustomed to high school. To shed light on a freshman’s perspective of the first day of high school, Governor Livingston freshman Sasha Rtishchev shared her experiences after she completed her first day. 

Rtishchev mentioned a concern she had going into the first day of high school, “I was nervous about finding out who my teachers would be and finding all of my classes.” 

Rtishchev explained that she expected to get lost in the long, crowded hallways of Governor Livingston. Thankfully, she managed to make it in the right direction and soon realized the halls were not as menacing as she first thought they would be.

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Rtishchev has great expectations for this school year. “I expect the best part of this year will be the clubs and sports,” she said. Rtishchev plays field hockey. Rtishchev also said she has heard many great things about all her teachers. She remained optimistic even regarding the more difficult side of high school. “The hardest thing this year is definitely going to be adjusting to being a high schooler. There seems to be a lot more class work than in middle school.” Despite this, she is prepared to have a great freshman year and is looking forward to school activities. Rtishchev concluded with saying, “My advice to future freshmen is to attend orientation and to study their schedule and a map of the school!” Although it may be a bit scary in foresight, the first day of high school is filled with enjoyable moments that leave students with high expectations for the future.

Editor's Note: The Highlander section features articles written for The Highlander, Gov. Livingston High School's student newspaper. Rebecca Mastropasqua, a sophomore at Gov. Livingston, is a staff writer.