I am proud to call Berkeley Heights home. In the last several weeks, many friends and family members have reached out to me to share an article they read on Berkeley Heights being one of the hottest real-estate markets in NJ. Sizzling hot in fact according to a recent NJ.com article.  Those I know who are looking to relocate want to live to our town. Why?  Because we consistently rank among the safest and most desirable towns in the Tri-State region. As residents, we can be proud of living in a community that is thriving, continuing to progress and flourishing.  The progress we see happening all around us has been made possible through the exceptional leadership and expertise of our Mayor Bob Woodruff, our experienced council members like Mike D’Aquila and residents who are intelligent, driven and competent like Michelle Greco who is joining forces with current leadership and running for Town Council.

Mayor Woodruff has lent his expertise to steering Berkeley Heights through numerous critical challenges, with outcomes that were positive for the future of our town and with high regard to the impact on us as taxpayers.  Under Mayor Woodruff’s direction, Berkeley Heights continues to thrive and continuity of leadership is essential to keep the momentum going in the right direction. For example, the Mayor and his team have effectively navigated our town through issues such as affordable housing, the modernization of our infrastructure and key redevelopment initiatives while being judicious and prudent every step of the way for taxpayers. Mike D’Aquila has also lent his expertise to navigating these matters successfully and his experience, strong analytical skills and in-depth understanding of infrastructure and re-development has time and time again helped bring prudent resolutions to complex matters by putting the best interest of our residents first.  Michelle Greco comes to us with a skillset that is impressive.  Michelle has a finance background working with leading global corporations. She brings a fresh perspective, is action oriented, has strong project management, negotiation and problem solving skills, is highly agile and she is passionate about moving our town forward.  I am not only proud to live in our town, but have never been more excited about putting our future in such capable and experienced hands. 

As an HR executive of over 20 years, I have focused my career on guiding and advising senior corporate leaders on making prudent and profitable business decisions through assembling teams of the highest quality and caliber possible.  There is no question that the candidates we elect must be unsurpassed in competence, experience, quality and integrity.  As residents, we must make critical decisions and vote for the most qualified candidates for key township positions.  I have every confidence that Bob Woodruff, Mike D’Aquila and Michelle Greco will diligently work for us and do their very best to put the best interest of each and every resident of this community first. 

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Their collective skills, expertise and dedication are essential to protecting our future and preserving quality of life for all residents by keeping our streets safe, our schools strong and creating a sense of community where every resident feels respected and valued.  We must elect fellow residents that are capable, competent, and hardworking, as well as highly diplomatic. We must require candidates to have an understanding of municipal issues, be responsible and respectful to all residents, level-headed, solution oriented and who have a demonstrated track record for operating with absolute honesty and integrity.  When you look at the current slate of candidates, there is without doubt no better and more qualified team to serve, protect and guide our town into the future than Woodruff, D’Aquila and Greco.

All elections are important, but it is clear that this Tuesday it is critical that we get out and vote to have our voices heard.  I hope you will join me on June 5th by voting for the strongest, stable and most qualified team for Berkeley Heights.  Our future depends on it.  Please join me and vote Column A for Bob Woodruff, Mike D’Aquila and Michelle Greco.