In 2010, Tom Foregger wrote a letter to the editor in the Independent Press to VOTE DOWN the school budget in order to “send a message” to the Berkeley Heights Board of Education. He didn’t offer any solutions; it was simply to criticize the Board and vote No.  His message is the same today-Criticize the Council and talk about cutting services and taxes without offering solutions.  

Tom Foregger historically fought against every school budget for over a decade until the last school budget vote in 2011. He was part of The Taxpayers Association who urged voters to vote down each year's school budget as well as school and town referendums. The referendum that was defeated in 2008, would have created a Community Center (Senior/Recreation). The Taxpayers Association encouraged Seniors to start their own fundraising campaign to build their own senior center as the Taxpayers Association did not support any town funding for the project.

Ironically, while touting cost cutting and reductions in taxes, Mr. Foregger actually costs the Town time and money; and a lot of it.  Over the years he has submitted hundreds of Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests to obtain documents from the Township which monopolizes our Clerk’s time and prevents her from conducting other municipal business for the rest of us.  None of the information is ever put to good use or results in anything positive for the Town.  He has sued the Town over his document demands on several occasions; towards what end?  

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His current lawsuit seeks to compel the production of the Police Department’s invoice for police coverage during the 2016 Winter Walk.  He submitted an OPRA request to obtain the invoice (of course).  Citing security concerns as to the manner in which our police staff and strategically place officers, the Town provided him with the invoice, including the cost for the services performed, but at the request of our Police Chief redacted the information concerning the number and placement of the security detail.  Unhappy with our Police Chief’s decision, Mr. Foregger decided to sue the Town…again….  On Friday, June 2, 2017 Superior Court Judge ruled against Dr. Thomas Foregger's attempt to obtain an unredacted police department invoice related to the Winter Walk.  If Mr. Foregger were ever elected to the Council, would he continue to sue the Town or substitute his judgment for those that are charged with protecting us and keeping us safe?

For someone who is supposedly all about transparency in Government, he certainly has not been transparent.  Tom Foregger has been nothing but an obstructionist; he does not want our Town to move forward and he wants to stop progress. Foregger says he is a supporter of both the seniors and schools, when his every action has been against them.

Why am I writing this letter? Because a leopard never changes its spots and Elections Matter!  The Kingsley and Faecher team are incumbents with proven leadership and professional skills and who know how to take reasonable action and get results!  Please join me on June 6th in voting for Jeanne Kingsley and Marc Faecher.