On May 7th, the residents of Berkeley Heights will be going to the polls in a Special Election to allow or not allow the Berkeley Aquatic's Center to tie into the Berkeley Heights Sewer System.

In their flyer, the BAC states that they are a "great community resource" and that they provide opportunities to the community. I believe leopards do not change their spots.  In my experience with this business, the BAC either didn't allow or actively discouraged their top swimmers from competing with their high school team.  They also didn't let the Governor Livingston swim team practice in their facility.  Actions speak Louder Than Words.

At the public forum held on April 24th, the BAC likened themselves to LifeTime Fitness.  Lifetime Fitness was a good neighbor during Hurricane Sandy.  They opened their faciity to non-membes to shower, charge up and stay warm.  Those are the actions of a "great community resource"

I urge Berkeley Heights residents to vote NO on May 7th