The killing of George Floyd is the most recent in a long line of senseless, brutal murders of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. It is part of an ongoing moral failure by Americans to correct systemic racism that has eroded the foundation of our society.   We must act now not only to protect those among us who are most vulnerable but to make them less vulnerable.  We must correct the economic, judicial and societal discrepancies that perpetuate inequality across generations.  Where are you Senator Kean, Assemblywoman Munoz and Assemblyman Bramnick in that call for justice and change?

During this past week, President Trump had a civil and moral obligation to reassure and calm an angry Nation.  Instead, he chose to pour gasoline on a raging fire.  He used racist and racially charged language on Twitter, including referring to protesters as “thugs” and threatening American citizens by saying “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  The President’s language is abhorrent and disgraceful.  It shreds the delicate social fabric that binds our diverse people together and does not reflect our shared American values.  Senator Kean, Assemblywoman Munoz and Assemblyman Bramnick have you spoken out against his tweets?     

As the Executive Board of The Democratic Club of Berkeley Heights, we are calling on you to stand up and represent the People of New Jersey. To stand side by side with outraged New Jersians and initiate the change required in this state to address the barriers that weigh down our Black brothers and sisters and limit their ability to achieve the American Dream.  To take action in Trenton to adopt data-driven policy solutions to end violence and hold police accountable.  To call out President Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric.  If you do not actively work to fix systemic racism in New Jersey and remain quiet in the face of bigoted statements and threats made by the President of the United States, then you are condoning the hatred and police brutality that are tearing our country apart.

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Respectfully Yours,

Janice McLean, President

Ruth DeBang, Treasurer

Margaret Illis, Secretary 

Doug Birbrower, Member-at-large 

Natalie Chin, Member-at-large 

Nancy Imbalzano, Member at large

Meera Rao, Member-at-large

Terri Tauber, Member-at-large