With the approaching snow storm, do you know what insurance coverage you have?

  • If you lose power and your sump pump fails, do you have coverage for back up of sewer and water? How much coverage do you have? It could cost up to $4000 to clean up a wet basement!
  • Do you have coverage for frozen gutters? Will your coverage cover your structure and/or damage to contents in your house if you have water seepage?
  • If a tree falls and hits your house and your car, are you required to pay both deductibles?
  • If you skid into another vehicle, do you have property damage coverage on your automobile policy? 50,000K gets eaten up fast if you hit a Range Rover or a Mercedes!
  • Do you have “accident forgiveness” , or do you get charged for at fault accidents?
  • If you lose power and have food spoilage, do you have coverage for the contents in the fridge? How much coverage do you have?

If you are unsure, and would like to review the coverage you have, please contact me at nancy@reinerinsurance.com and I will be happy to review your policies with you. Most of our companies offer the above coverages.