BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Since her debut on Nickelodeon, Ariana Grande has been a role model to many as she continues to top the charts with her timeless pop hits and continuously redefines herself as an artist. 

Grande’s music career began in 2010 with her role as Cat Valentine on “Victorious” on Nickelodeon. She has since released nine albums, headlined several tours, and garnered over 217 million Instagram followers.  

Positions, her latest album, was released in December 2020. It stayed at #1 on the Rolling Stones chart for the first three weeks after its release. Fans have loved the new album and there have been not one, but two viral songs from the album on TikTok.

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In late December of 2020, Grande came out with a new documentary on Netflix called “Excuse me, I Love You.” This title is in reference to the song “R.E.M” from her album “Sweetener”, released in 2018.

Freshman, Isabelle Dimen-White is ecstatic about the new documentary. She said, “I have been listening to her since the beginning of her singing career.”

The new documentary shows behind the scenes footage of Grande’s 2019 “Sweetener” tour. The movie provides viewers with a deeper look into the superstar’s life and shows what it is like to be on a world tour. 

             Overall, the film received rave reviews from the public, specifically among teenagers. One of them being sophomore Riley Amato. “I think my favorite part of the documentary was seeing how well her and her set work together as well as her confidence on stage,” Amato said. 

Fans who have followed Grande’s career are sure to be drawn to the documentary. Sophomore Isabela Anders said, “I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who has seen her in concert to relive the experience.” 

Grande is one of the biggest female artists of the 21st Century. She continues to appeal to her audience with new music, as she releases a new album almost every year. Each release pulls in more young artists and listeners from all over the world. Her new documentary on Netflix is a great reflection of her career, her personal life, and her growth as a musician.