Hope that Mother Nature will sprinkle snow to blanket the town in white

Pull out your favorite pair of socks to wear for the night

Lay in your bed and turn on your favorite Netflix show

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And maybe if you like it, eat your favorite cookie dough


Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa,

While music plays in the distance singing “Let it Snow”

Watch the snowflakes fall to the ground through the windows.

Stock up on warm blankets and fluffy pillows.


Bundle up in your coat to get ready to go outside

When you put on your boots on, make sure they’re tied.

Invite your friends to have a snowball fight,

The best time to play is late at night.


Go on a road trip to a place you have never been before

Take some pictures while on the road, like the snow or a barn door

Try new foods like the classic fruit cake

But most importantly, making new memories makes for a great winter break.