In August, 2018, Netflix released the movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Teenagers all across America were eager to tune in and watch the beloved stars, Noah Centineo of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Shannon Purser of Stranger Things, in action. As soon as the movie appeared on Netflix’s Recommended List, reviews quickly popped up on Instagram and Twitter. 

The movie revolves around high school student Sierra Burgess, a quiet girl who offers tutoring lessons and excels in all of her classes. She and her best friend Dan are often picked on by the most popular girl at school, Veronica, but remain prideful of their smarts and carefree of everyone else’s opinions. When a boy, Jamie, from a different high school sees Veronica at a diner, he asks her for her cell phone number. Veronica, unflattered, gives Jamie the number of Sierra Burgess rather than her own. Jamie and Sierra begin to text each other and form a relationship, the only problem is that Jamie thinks Sierra is someone else. 

Many viewers were not thrilled with the content of the film. They felt that Sierra was catfishing Jamie and did not deserve a happy ending. Others were impressed and shared their appreciation for the acting and the plot. Overall, the movie was cute and the plot was interesting, but the message could have been better. Though fictional, the movie implied that it is okay to pretend to be someone you are not. However, by the end, the Sierra Burgess learns to love herself for who she is, and that is a message people like to see. 

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