This August we’re celebrating the best thing since sliced bread – National Sandwich Month. That’s right, a whole month dedicated to your favorite anytime meal. It’s said that the sandwich was invented by a Rabbi in first century B.C., when he put herbs between two matzos during Passover, for a satisfying yet simple snack. Since then people have been combining ingredients to find the perfect marriage of flavor and texture. At The Meat House we offer a range of sandwich ingredients including, fresh bread, veggies, spreads, oils, cheese and of course, meat.

The Meat House Summit has rolled out a few new mouth watering sandwiches this summer in addition to our signature sandwich menu.  The Sloppy Joe is a favorite!  With these few ingredients it packs a punch on the palate!  We start with a slice of rye bread, choose your meat; ham, roast beef, or turkey, if you’re really feeling carnivorous add all 3! Then a layer of our homemade cole slaw and Russian dressing are slathered atop the freshly sliced meat but wait there’s more!  Add another slice of rye bread and do the whole process over again, finish it with one last slice of bread and you have yourself a Meat House Sloppy Joe!  This sandwich is satisfying and delicious and cut into 3 triangular pieces so you can even share it if you don’t devour it all yourself!

Pick up a bag of Deep River chips, an Honest Tea to accompany your sandwich and come join us at Meat House for lunch!