BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - T. Dasu, author of Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife, spoke to locals at the Berkeley Heights Public Library about the inspiration behind her latest spy thriller, her experiences as a writer, and her charitable causes on Tuesday evening.

Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife is the first novel in the Spy, Interrupted trilogy series. It is also T. Dasu’s first published work of fiction. Dasu describes the novel as a fusion of mystery, espionage, and romance, with the story centered upon a strong and resilient heroine.

“I wanted to write a book about a relationship with a person who is involved in a profession that is by nature deceitful—how do you exist in a relationship with a person like that? They’re profession is to lie and cheat and deceive—how do you feel when you are in a relationship with a person like that? That was my motivation.”

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Dasu published the novel through her own publishing house. Writing the novel through her publishing company gave her greater control over creating her own story as opposed to conforming someone else’s ideas, which Dasu enjoyed.

Unlike the traditional American publishing house, Dasu’s organization strives to provide writers in India with a chance to express their stories and experiences. Her goal is to bring, “the unique perspectives of these writers to a broader audience.”

Also unlike the traditional publishing house, Dasu’s company is non-profit, with proceeds from royalties going directly to charitable organizations. These organizations include Kiva, which provides loans to low-income entrepreneurs, and the International Rescue Committee, which helps individuals, particularly women, who are trapped in war-torn countries and often the victims of violence. On a smaller (but still important) scale, Dasu donates all of the money generated by sales from speaking events to the local libraries that have hosted her. All proceeds from this event will go to the Berkeley Heights Public Library.

Although Dasu by day is a researcher for AT&T, her passion for writing is equally as strong as her passion for mathematics. She is currently in the midst of writing the third novel of the trilogy. So far, feedback for Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife has been positive.

Of course, with a fast-paced plot, interesting and unique characters, and a noble charitable cause, how could the feedback be anything but positive?

Dasu’s novel is available for purchase on Amazon. For further information on the author, visit her website: