The Chatham/Madison Pod of Believe, Inspire,Grow (B.I.G.) invites area women to hear Business Success Coach Julie Harris of Riverbend Coaching talk about “How to Be a Better Risk Taker.”  Ms. Harris will explain how each of us can learn to take a conscious approach to risk-taking that will align our actions with our stated intentions.

B.I.G. offers women in the community an educational, support and relationship building network. B.I.G. is always open to new members, including women who are currently in transition, stay-at-home moms who are now considering career options, women who have a business idea and would like help putting it to action, or women who are already running a business and could use the help and support of other smart women. B.I.G. has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2009, with 1,200 members in 6 states.

Women in the local community are invited to attend B.I.G.'s monthly meetings. “B.I.G. is a place where women can connect with other women in a supportive environment and encourage each other's goals. Over the past two years, I have seen women make strong connections, and support each other to achieve amazing things,” says Donna Leyens, President of Provendus Group and leader of the Chatham/Madison Pod.

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Each B.I.G. meeting covers a specific topic, and either has a guest speaker and time for attendees to network, or features a member discussion session. Meetings cover various topics such as "The Art of Negotiation," "Building your Brand" and "Demystifying Social Media."

"You can't help but feel inspired when you're in a room full of women who openly share their ideas, their fears, their dreams and their success stories," said Leyens.

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