Dear Editor,

This year’s Town Council election has provided the opportunity for many residents to hear about ways to address the issues facing our town. Pete Bavoso and Manny Couto have been meeting with residents since last March, listening to concerns and sharing ideas.  They consistently shared their plans based on research they have done: directly reviewing the operating and capital budgets, asking about bonding options, and funding opportunities with our CFO and not relying on figures given to them by others or from websites that are not current.  They have learned about alternative funding opportunities and how we can pursue the return ofmore of our tax dollars back to Berkeley Heights to help with our roads and sidewalks. They have received the endorsement of State Senator Tom Kean, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz. They have shared the FACTS in each of their plans. They have identified specific state and county grants to pursue in partnership with our Board of Education and non-profits. They know how to collaborate with others to raise funds for projects such as fields and parks. They are determined advocates for expanding services for our Seniors.  There are many challenges, but Pete Bavoso and Manny Couto have the qualifications and experience to find the answers and get the job done. Please read more about them on their website: and join me in voting for them, Column B on November 8th.