Dear Residents,

Thank you Berkeley Heights for electing us as your Town Council Representatives. We are excited to work TOGETHER with all of you to continue the FORWARD momentum currently underway in our fabulous community!  Our town is a truly special place where all voices are welcomed, important, and valued.  We appreciate the passionate participation of the other candidates in the election process.

We are at an exciting place in our town; truly on the threshold of continued progress. The ideas, issues, and concerns you shared throughout this campaign can now be actively addressed by all of us.  As we have continuously shared with all of you: by working together, we can achieve successful outcomes and spend our valuable resources effectively and wisely.  Through Public/Private partnerships with our Board of Education, County and State Officials, Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organizations, and our incredible volunteers, we will seek to improve our infrastructure and recreation facilities and expand services to our citizens through alternative and supplemental funding. Together we will tackle our challenges, and we won't stop until we have determined solutions to address them.

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Many people helped us on our first journey into municipal government service. We want to thank all of the tireless volunteers who worked on our campaign and helped spread our message. Our deepest gratitude to our families, who encouraged us every step of the way, and whose support was endless. Our sincere appreciation to our community for your support.

TOGETHER with all of you, we will continue the FORWARD progress of our town.

Thank you,

Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto