Dear Citizens of Berkeley Heights,

Thank you for your support in the Republican Town Council Primary. We appreciate your selection of us to run in the November election. Our thanks to Councilman Ed Delia for his participation in the election process.

Our message is an exciting one and clearly shared by all of you. We believe in building on the wonderful history and traditions of Berkeley Heights, and know that TOGETHER we are on our way to a vibrant future, moving FORWARD with responsible development and strong fiscal policies. But it is the people of our community which offer our greatest strength. We are fortunate to have a citizenry that embraces volunteerism and a desire to “give back.” We are a community that has deep respect for our police, fire, and rescue squads who are available around the clock to keep us safe. Our nonprofits tirelessly seek to provide needed services and improvements that budget dollars cannot cover. Our schools are among the best in the state and are open to community service opportunities in our town that teach our youngest citizens the importance of true citizen participation and responsibility. We are truly excited to work with all our community stakeholders, local, county, and state officials to be sure that Berkeley Heights receives grant funding and new revenue that allows for continued sustainability and positive growth. We are positioned for an exciting future, and TOGETHER we will do great things. 

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We wish to thank our campaign team without whom many of you may not have known who we are or the message we are so eager to share. Our families have joined in our energy and enthusiasm for this new change in our lives, and we are grateful to them. And to you, our citizens of every age, we are excited to move FORWARD with all of you, ensuring that Berkeley Heights will always be the vibrant small town where neighbors help neighbors, where traditions live on from generation to generation, where local businesses thrive, and where each of us is proud to call home. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the days ahead.


Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto