BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Berkeley Heights Senior Citizen’s Club gathered on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at The Chimney Rock Inn in Gillette to celebrate all those who are 90 years old and more. There were about 70 seniors in attendance, and more than 20 of them are older than 90.
Ramona Rademacher chaired the event and was assisted by a committee that has been planning the afternoon’s festivities for the past month. The committee included Regina Hague, Phyllis Disturco, Rose Anderson, Joseph Federico, and Joan Luciano.
Club member Harold Mihalak gave the blessing and Rademacher delivered a welcome to the guests. There was a delicious menu served including pizza as an appetizer, tossed salad, and a variety of beverages. The luncheon was served family style with trays of eggplant parmesan, lemon chicken, pepper steak, and baked ziti. A beautiful cake that commemorated the event was served for dessert.
Joan Tomasetti is a senior who has been with the club since 1980 and who will be 95 on Feb. 25. She said that the luncheon was “marvelous.” Laura Testa, who is 97, will turn 98 in March. She has been a member of the club since 1978. She said of the afternoon, “I think it’s great.”

Al Boyance is another senior from Berkeley Heights who is older than 90 years. Boyance is a past president of the club. He also enjoyed the afternoon and said, “It’s just fine!”
Mayor Joseph G. Bruno is now a member of the Berkeley Heights Senior Citizen’s Club, as they invite members who are 55-plus. He attended the luncheon and enjoyed sitting with some of the other members, socializing, and having the delicious food. Bruno said, “I love every minute of it and having fun with these folks.”
With good food and the company of friends, all those who attended Tuesday’s luncheon at the Chimney Rock Inn in Gillette agreed that it was a very pleasant and successful event.
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