Sai Bhargavi Akiri is a Candidate running for a seat on the Berkeley Heights Board of Education.  This is an interview Sai had with Chris Wang yesterday (October 27th).  Sai was not aware of the questions that would be asked prior to the interview.  Please take the time to view the video and all the information that follows before voting.

Sai's Interview With Chris Wang:


Other Information About Sai, Column 3

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Candidate Statements and LWV Response:

Initial Statement

"Protecting the Future: A Community Based Approach to Safety"

"Building the Future: A Community Based Approach to Re-Evaluating Technology"

"A Better way Forward: Community Based Approaches to Solving Challenges"

"We Should be Better Than This"

"Children and Families above Special Interests":

League of Women Voters Vote411 Responses:

Announcements: Importance of Ground Up Survey Options for Parents, Students and Teachers.

Importance of Non-Partisan BOE Campaigns:

Call for Civility:

Position on OPRA:

Feedback to the BOE on Learning Gaps:

"Setting the Record Straight" on Political Affiliations:

"It's Time You had a Voice"

Statements to the BOE on Remote Learning:

Endorsements (to date):

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