MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ - Boy Scout Patrols from Troop 68 in Berkeley Heights finished in first and second place out of 16 sleds, for the Troop’s first sweep at the Watchung Mountain District’s Klondike Derby. The competition tests the scout’s outdoor, first aid, camping and winter survival skills, as patrols race sleds through the Watchung Reservation.  It was Troop 68’s third championship in five years.   

The Troop’s Thunderhawk Patrol lead by senior scouts Luc Rollet and Ryan Emma, along with Ben Young, Max Arca-Sedda, Griffin Lorne, Aron Chahil, Max Marchitelli and Owen Birbiower barley edged out the Bladerunner Patrol lead by Kyle Engemann and Tim Koubek, along with Ryan Richardson, Alex Bruning, Daniel Bower, Shane Morrison, Kyle Arnold, Gabe Amato and  James Rubino. The Bladerunners had an overall faster time but Thunderhawks nailed the tomahawk throw thanks to Aron Chahil, who honed his tomahawk throwing skills at Sabattis adventure camp this summer.  This was the difference in their scores.