Berkeley Heights Democrats: Come out and meet your fellow Democrats and find out how you can contribute to the “Blue Wave” taking the country by storm!

The Berkeley Heights Democrats Club is hosting a series of meet-and-greet events in each voting district; all registered Democrats will be receiving a postcard invitation in the mail shortly with details about their district events.

These will be very informal events where you can come out for some light refreshment, chat with your neighbors, talk about the issues of the day, get to know fellow Democrats in town, and where you can meet and chat with our newest Town Councilwoman, Susan Poage. Plus, find out how you can get more involved and help the party make big gains in the 2018 elections! Please see the dates and host information below. If you can’t make the event in your district, you can RSVP any of the other events that fit your schedule. INVITE FRIENDS!!!

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To RSVP and to find out more information on times and addresses, please email Janice McLean or Stephen Yellin at 

To find out which district you are in, we have an easy rundown online here:

Districts 1 & 2: TBD

District 3: Susan Poage & Justin Starling - Sunday, Feb. 18 4:30 pm, wine & cheese

District 4: TBD

District 5: Bernice & Harvey Feuer - Sunday March 18, 4-6 pm, cocktails

Districts 6 & 11 (combined): Srikanth & Sharmistha Das Iyer - Sat. Feb 24, 5-7 pm, wine & cheese

District 7: Kamal Chadha & Advait Joshi - Sat. Feb 24, 10 am (kids welcome), light brunch

District 8: Terry & Rolando Pacheco - Thursday, March 8, 7 pm, wine & cheese 

District 9: Rachel Rhodes - Sunday, March 11, 4 pm

If your district does not yet have a date noted above, please check our Facebook page for updates: