BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Berkeley Heights Board of Education heard an updated presentation on performance of students in the middle and high schools relative to the data dashboard of 19 other schools against which the Berkeley Heights district measures itself academically.

Some headlines from the presentation:

  • Columbia students attained their goals in three quarters of the testing categories measured.
  • The middle school students were in the top third of 75 percent of the dashboard categories.
  • Columbia students showed improvement in seven of the 12 dashboard categories.
  • There were marked improvement in PARCC English language arts tests in the sixth grade and improvement in the seventh grade, while performance in the eighth grade language arts tests remain an area of focus for improvement as staff prepare students for transition to high school.
  • High PAARC English language arts participation rates provide important achievement information and help improve classroom instruction.
  • PAARC Math 6 scores improved significantly with improvement also shown in seventh grade scores, while more strategies are being developed to bring about greater improvement in the eighth grade mathematics category.
  • In the eighth grade NJASK science test the passing rate remains in the top third of dashboard schools.
  • There was, however, a slight decrease in advanced proficiency in eighth grade NJASK.
  • There was “significant growth” in student growth percentiles in English language arts at the middle school and significant improvement in student growth percentiles for Columbia math students.
  • “Final grades” in whole school data show those achieving an “A” or greater in English going from 37 to 38 percent from 2015 to 2016 and a one percent drop of those attaining a “B” or greater in the subject.
  • In social studies, “A” or greater percentages decreased from 46 to 34 percent, “B” or greater decreasing from 87 to 78 percent and C or greater from 98 to 94 percent,
  • Science, “A” or greater from 53 to 50, “B” or greater from 88 to 86, while “C” or greater rose from 97 to 98 percent.
  • Mathematics in the first category rose from 31 to 33, in the second category from 78 to 79 and in the third category from 93 to 96 percent.
  • In world language, “A” or greater dropped from 50 to 40, “B” or greater from 79 to 58 and “C” or greater from 92 to 89 percent.

The administrators reviewed similar data for performance of students at the high school. The complete rundown of the analysis is available from school officials and another update is expected this fall.