BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - During the week, adults work and kids learn in school, and on the weekends everyone socializes and has fun. However, today, Jan. 26, parents’ knowledge will be put to the test as they aim to raise money for their children’s’ education when the Berkeley Heights Education Fund holds their first Big Quiz Thing event at the Connell Building.

According to its website, “The BHEF is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to support the Berkeley Heights Public Schools. We sponsor programs and organize events with the following goals in mind: support innovative and creative educational programs for students and faculty, encourage community involvement in the educational process, enrich our children's appreciation of the arts and humanities, enhance technology to prepare students for the world and workplace of the 21st century.”

Co-chairs Ann Buyaner and Anna Marzano are excited for the event. While they normally hold a fundraiser in the fall, due to Hurricane Sandy it was postponed until January. Buyaner said she had the seen the Big Quiz before and thought it would be a different yet fun evening for the adults. Admission is $50 and there will be a silent auction, cocktails and drinks. Also, the Connell Company, which partners with the BHEF often has already donated $5,000 to the event.

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The Big Quiz Thing is a nationally renowned show that uses puts knowledge to use at a multimedia trivia game of fun and laughs. Quizmaster Noah Tarnow emcees several rounds of team competition for trophies honor and glory. During each round, contestants fill out an answer sheet, which is tallied up at the end of reach round. If a person doesn’t know an answer, they can put a clever or funny one instead for points. Some of the categories include music, movies, geography, history and sports.

“It’s a fun event that the community can come and participate in,” Marzano said.

Buyaner said they are expecting 100-150 people to attend and feel with a semi-educational theme it will bring the community together.

“Once people figure out what it is, hopefully they’ll think it’s great,” Buyaner said.