BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - At the recent street fair in Berkeley Heights, the Environmental Commission promoted stormwater awareness with displays at its booth that showed how rain gardens and rain barrels can collect stormwater instead of sending it down the street into a stream or river. 

“We want to encourage our residents to be aware of what they can do for the environment,” said Richard Leister, the Environmental Commission chair.  “Rain barrels and rain gardens keep stormwater from going down the drain and so help reduce downstream flooding.  We raffled off two rain barrels. You can use rain barrel water for your garden.”


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Commissioners Christina Lewis, Deborah Plotnik, Ed Delia, Kevin Hall, Kinan Tadmori, and Richard Leister took turns staffing the booth. Visitors  also had the chance to spin a game wheel and answer questions about water quality and the water cycle.

The Commission also raffled off four native plants to Berkeley Heights residents. 

The Commission congratulates the winners of the rain barrels and the native plants.

The Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission, which comprises seven regular and two alternate members, was established to protect, develop or use natural resources, including water resources, located within the Township. As a volunteer advisory group it has the responsibility to recommend plans and programs to the Planning Board for the development and use of open lands and wetlands.