BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - At approximately 10 a.m. on Sunday, the Berkeley Heights Fire Department was dispatched to Rutgers Avenue to help a kitten trapped in a storm sewer.

Rescue-1 arrived and confirmed there was a kitten trapped. The crew raised the storm sewer cover. Prior to placing a Firefighter in the basin, it was metered with a 5 gas meter to make sure there are no harmful gases present, such as Hydrogen Sulfide.

"The kitten was actually frightened and was hiding in a pipe that is between basins," said Deputy Chief Jim Hopkins. "Engine-4 was brought to the scene and a hose line was stretched. We charged the line and used the water to move the kitten to a basin were a Firefighter was waiting to grab her."

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"We have done this before, only difference this time was the kitten  ran towards the hose line and surprised the Firefighter that was waiting on that end," said Hopkins.

The kitten was quickly removed and checked for injuries which proved negative.

"We dried her off with a towel and returned her near the wooded area were her anxious mother was waiting for her."

She was a feral kitten, and Hopkins said she was very combative.