Berkeley Heights is facing a major problem with rising tax rates. While New Jersey does have the highest tax rates in the county, the Berkeley Heights Town Council appears not to be concerned and has taken aggressive steps that will affect our taxes for years to come.  This affects a large number of residents in Berkeley Heights, especially its retirees and seniors.

Berkeley Heights historically has been a quaint small town, made up of hard working people - many blue collar.  These people took care of the town as it matured into a desirable place to live and raise a family.  Over the years people have moved in from wall street, big pharma and other corporations to take advantage of these great living conditions and have built some large homes in the area, making Berkeley Heights into the mix of blue and white collar workers that it is today.

As taxes rise, a large portion of our population including the retirees and seniors who have lived here for the majority of their lives are now being faced with unprecedented taxes, despite using less of the services.   As taxes have grown at an alarming rate of 20% over the past 6 years,  seniors need to ask themselves if they can afford to stay in their houses for another year,  or alternatively is it worth staying in my home another year.

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Most retirees and seniors in Berkeley Heights don’t want to leave.   This is where they have lived the majority of their life, they have friends and family nearby, there isn’t too much traffic, yet, and they are used to living here.   As one moves on in life it becomes increasingly more difficult to just pick up and leave.

Many of these people bought their houses decades ago and have seen taxes go up substantially. Even after they have paid off their mortgage they are now finding themselves in a predicament where they owe the town a large portion of their social security check. Property tax rates have well exceeded any Social Security cost of living adjustments.

Rather than be sympathetic to retirees, seniors and others who love this town but find $1,000 / month in taxes excessive and beyond their level of tolerance,  the Berkeley Heights town council do not seem to care - raising municipal taxes around 20% over the past 6 years alone.

Kingsley and Faecher seem to prefer siding with the builders, offering significant tax abatements,  leaving the residents of Berkeley Heights to pay not only their own fair share but subsidize the builder as well.

On top of this, Kingsley and Faecher approved an outrageously priced $28,000,000 mega municipal complex at a significant cost to taxpayers. They have not been straight forward about the true cost to residents as they bundle in the revenues from a land sale and other sources to make the project seem less expensive to the residents than it actually is. My estimate based on simple math is well over $6000 / household to pay for this unneeded extravagance that few of these retirees and seniors will derive any benefit from.  

Dr Thomas Foregger is a retiree and has seen his taxes go up year after year.   He can sympathise with all that don’t like this constant asking for more while providing less from our town council. Dr Thomas Foregger has attended countless Town Meetings and has spoken at most of them over the past 20 years. There is nobody who is more qualified to take on this snowball of tax increases.

John Leo Jr, a lifelong Republican and fiscal conservative is committed to raising his young family in Berkeley Heights and does not want to see his taxes triple over the next 20 years while he is here. He too will keep a watchful eye on taxes. 

We absolutely can not afford another 3 years of Kingsley and Faecher. Please vote on June 6th for Foregger & Leo,  Column F, 11F & 12F.

Please see  for more information.

Help us, help the retirees and seniors who are fighting to afford to stay in the houses that they have lived in all of their lives.   Vote Foregger & Leo.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Brown