To the Editor:

Berkeley Heights, according to our Mayor “is not a democracy." Our elected officials do not need residents approval to do what they think is best for us. Did we really elect them and give them this authority? I thought they were elected to Listen and Act, not to act as they feel, on what is best for us and potential developers.

They have succeeded, by their chosen means, following their slippery slope, to declare our municipal complex as properties requiring “Redevelopment”. The only party benefiting by this move is the potential developer. This predictable move, allows our Town Council to proceed with their goals, and I emphasize “their”, preventing any resident voting on their plans.

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I believe they have heard some of what we have been saying, but they still want us to get in the Real Estate business, with the acquisition of the Hamilton Avenue church properties. They continue to mislead us with the actual purchase price of this property, leaving out the value of the library property, approximately $1.7 million dollars.

Building a new municipal complex at the existing site is in general, I believe, the best choice we have. Details remain to be formulated. They now believe that we do not need a new Public Works site, as the existing site can be utilized, what a surprise.