BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Tuesday, Nov.22, Mayor Robert Woodruff assured residents that the township does use zero-based budgeting to create its annual budget. Comments to the contrary by Township Administrator John Bussiculo during the most recent Mayor's Roundtable were a "mistake ... and I apologize," the mayor said.

Woodruff said he watched the Mayor's Roundtable earlier in the day and was surprised when he heard Bussiculo say that the departments start from the previous year's budget and work from those numbers. "That is not what he intended to say, it was a mistake," Woodruff said. 

Bussiculo confirmed that he mis-spoke.

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The zero-based budget system has been in place for a number of years the mayor said. Using that system, each department head must start from scratch when designing their department's budget for the next fiscal year. What they spent the previous year is not part of the equation.

Township Chief Financial Officer Mike Marceau "can confirm the zero-based budget has been used for a few years," the mayor said. Marceau, who was sitting in the audience, nodded his head in agreement.

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