BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - This week’s video is from outside the building. Landscaping has been done around the building – mulching, tree and shrub planting, and decorative lights have been installed around the parking lot. The outside is really coming together! Storm drains have been tied in on the back of the building, final concrete was poured in the sally port area of the police department, as well as near the garage and the gas meter pad in the back. 

Coming up this week, we hope to get elevator inspections, which are completed by the state inspectors. This is a wild card: these inspections are out of the Township’s control. Schindler, the elevator company, schedules the inspections, and the state sends inspectors when they are available. Meanwhile, plumbers and floor tile installers were working over the weekend. We also encountered another blip; we have a faulty transfer switch on the generator. We hope to find that new part this coming week to install that and start up the generator. The elevator can only be inspected after the generator is up and running. Meanwhile, other finishing touches are happening throughout the building – both inside and outside, such as millwork, Council chamber finishes, locker room benches and more – as we enter into the period of final inspections.  

For the week ending October 23, 2020 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site, the following took place: 

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 58 workers. 
  • EPIC began final cleaning on the 2nd floor. 
  • Force Concrete prepped and poured the gas meter pad, the generator bollards, and the sally port and garage slabs. 
  • EUC placed stone and graded on the north side, substantially completed the underground storm drainage behind the building, prepped for north side sidewalks, placed topsoil, and repaired the swale and the existing underground piping on the south perimeter. 
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation installed duct drops and finishes, checked dampers and duct detectors, and placed register and return finishes. 
  • Epic Interiors taped and spackled, hung miscellaneous drywall, installed access panels, hung doors and hardware, worked on the exterior vestibule, and began the detention area ceiling. 
  • Mehl Electric installed electrical finishes, pretested the fire alarm, performed security tie-ins and terminations, and adjusted the site lighting. 
  • Artisans Showcase of Tile placed the Police Department entrance lobby tile. 
  • Fine Painting continued painting in the basement and in the stair towers, and painted the railings. 
  • Epic Millwork continued Council Room paneling as well as wood base and chair rail. 
  • All American Surfaces installed basement flooring and prepped for Recreation Office carpet. 
  • AGP Plumbing installed rest room fixtures and plumbing accessories, energized the gas service, bled the gas lines, activated gas to the rooftop units, completed final water service energizing, and activated the sewage ejector, plumbing fixtures, and water heaters. 
  • Schindler Elevator substantially completed the elevator cab and prepared for testing. 
  • Industrial Flooring Corporation completed the epoxy on the walls and floors in the detention area. 
  • Storage Systems completed installation of the gun lockers, the lockers in the Police Department locker rooms, and the in Library staff area. 
  • Waterproofing Systems Northeast waterproofed the sally port and garage areas. 
  • 18 Glass installed aluminum pilasters at the curtain wall and performed glazing at the interior, exterior, and main entrance vestibule. 
  • Griffith Shade delivered window coverings and began cutting. 
  • Warshauer performed generator startup. 
  • All Ply Roofing tied in the north side roof scuppers. 
  • Modernfold installed the folding partition in the Multipurpose Room. 
  • Central Jersey Landscaping mobilized and placed trees, shrubs, and mulch. 
  • Net Q continued data wire terminations and completed installation of the IT and ladder racks. 
  • Langan and Advanced Drilling took groundwater samples for testing from the area where the buried vehicle was discovered and removed. 
  • PSE&G set the gas meter and activated service.