BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Mayor Angie Devanney joins us for this week’s municipal complex update, coming to you from the finished bathrooms (exciting!). The big news last week in municipal complex construction was the unearthing of a vehicle where the new South parking lot will be. No, Jimmy Hoffa was not in it, and no, we can’t tell exactly what kind of car it was. However, the good news is, testing showed that the ground water and soil was not contaminated from the car, so now paving crews are working toward staring that paving by the end of this week.

Bathrooms on the second floor are complete, almost complete on the first floor and basement. About two-thirds of ceiling tile is up throughout entire building, glass store fronts have been installed on all floors in the Recreation Department and Library; carpeting is almost complete on upper floors. PSE&G has dug a trench line around the perimeter of the property to install the gas line, while Epic (the redeveloper) had workers on site this weekend taping and spackling in the basement, and to perform general cleanup (focusing on the 2nd floor).  This week, painting and millwork continues, as walls and ceilings get closed up in the basement. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing finishes continue, and crews are focusing on installing necessary life safety systems in the basement that tie into the rest of the building.

For the week ending September 25, 2020 at the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex project site, the following took place: 

  • EPIC and their subcontractors had an average daily manpower count of 50 workers. 
  • Force Concrete prepped the elevator shaft and pit for cab placement, and cut back the garage and sally port brick for rollup door installation. 
  • EUC undercut, backfilled, placed DGA, and graded the south parking lot. A buried vehicle was discovered and removed under supervision of environmental engineer; all required tests were performed and passed. 
  • Industrial Cooling Corporation installed diffusers, access panels, and HVAC finishes. 
  • Epic Interiors substantially completed drywall in the basement, taped and spackled, framed and closed hard ceilings, placed ceiling tiles, and framed and closed columns. 
  • Mehl Electric installed decorative light fixtures in the library, set floor boxes, placed the load banks, and continued electrical finishes and fire alarm/security fixtures, wiring, and terminations. 
  • All Ply Roofing substantially completed the roof shingles and ridge caps. 
  • Eighteen Glass installed storefronts in the basement, and set the Police Department entry doors. 
  • Artisans Showcase of Tile continued tile in the Lower Level rest rooms and the Police Department locker rooms. 
  • Fine Painting continued painting on the 1st floor and final coats on the 2nd floor. 
  • Epic Millwork installed cabinetry, wood base, and chair rail. 
  • All American Surfaces continued installation of flooring and vinyl base on the 2nd floor and began carpeting on the 1st floor. 
  • AGP Plumbing completed the hose bibs, began installing the water meter, and relocated the Multipurpose Room #019 overhead piping and trap. 
  • Material Distributors installed rest room partitions on the 2nd floor. 
  • Net Q substantially installed the Library IT switch cabinet, completed teledata cabling in the basement, and prepared for terminations. 
  • NJ American Water replaced the water main on Berkeley Avenue.