Berkeley Heights is at a crossroads and we, as residents, need to decide which road we wish to take.  Decisions being made right now by our Town Council will affect what happens to our small town forever.  Very important decisions about the development of the town and long-term debt.  

Right now, these decisions are being made by a small group of people who all come from the same group in my opinion, and much is being decided behind closed doors. We need to ask ourselves as residents, no matter which side of the political spectrum we support, is this a situation we truly believe will result in what is best for our town and its residents?  

I think we all owe it to ourselves to admit that we are being extremely irresponsible leaving irreversible decisions of this magnitude in the hands of one small group of people. I am sure the members of the town council mean well, but it is evident that information is not being scrutinized properly and alternative ideas are not being considered. We cannot stand by any longer and accept this situation. The future of our town, and our families is at stake.  

We have a chance now, at the eleventh hour, to change this situation.  We have a chance on Tuesday to elect independent voices to the council who can properly offer scrutiny and another perspective on proceedings. If you truly care about the future of our town. If you love the small town feel. If you like the fact you can drive from one end of our town to the other without sitting in traffic. If you love the way of life we have here now.  Please, I urge you to cast one of your votes for an independent thinker, a hardworking and honest candidate who has the best interests of our town at heart. Please vote this Tuesday, November 7th for Edmund Tom Maciejewski in column 9F.  Thank you.