The Berkeley Heights Recreation Cutest Baby Photo Contest has ended and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 10th.  Several contestants entered on Friday, August 6th, the deadline for the contest, and we are publishing their photos this weekend.  Today's contestant, our eighteenth, is Corinne Morrison, Age 2. 

Winners will be announced on August 10th on  

Check daily to see new photos posted!

Parents: Submission of all photos implies permission to reproduce on print and digital media.


1st Place- $50 gift card donated by Mary Ann Walsh and Barbara Mulcahy from Remax Premier and a gift certificate good for $50 toward a Berkeley Heights Recreation Program.

2nd Place- Berkeley Heights YMCA - parent/child class, post natal for free to winner. Sessions run 10 weeks. Up to two years to redeem.

3rd Place - $50 gift certificate donated by Twill Printing Services

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