To the Editor:

After a detailed paid study, it was determined and approved by our Planning Board, as predicted, that there is a lot of property in Berkeley Heights requiring “Non-condemnation Redevelopment. In fact the criteria used would find 90%+ homes in Berkeley Heights would require redevelopment. These properties reviewed include lots south of Waste Treatment Plant, including a township owned home, our current library, and all the Little Flower buildings on Hamilton.

Let me summarize some of the Plans being formulated for our community. None of these plans can be voted on via referendum as they are properties requiring redevelopment or privately owned and I believe approved for the most part by our Planning Board.

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Berkeley Height’s Growth (Gross) Plans

-Snyder Avenue properties adjacent to Waste Treatment Plant, including town owned house is “earmarked” for Low Income Housing

-Old Berkeley Florist property on Springfield Avenue: townhouses or condos

-Closed Movie Theater Property on Springfield Avenue: townhouses or condos

-Locust Avenue property across from swimming pool: townhouses or condos

-All Little Flower Property on Hamilton townhouses

-Old Kings Plaza on Springfield Avenue: townhouses or condos

-The existing library building on Plainfield Ave: use to be determined

Amazingly, even with all this growth, we do not anticipate a need for increased sewage treatment capacity, school capacities, traffic management.

How long ago did we determine we could not handle any additional water treatment to accommodate Berkeley Aquatic's requirements?

Election Day is coming soon and we must get some new faces on Township Council.