To the Editor:

The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee was notified this week that due to a significant change in his employment responsibilities and commitments, Marc Faecher, sitting council member, has requested that the County Clerk remove his name from the November General Election ballot for Township Council.   Marc and Jeanne Kingsley won the June 2017 primary as unanimous nominees and representatives of the Regular Organization of Republicans for Berkeley Heights, supported by the Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee.

Marc has been a tremendous asset to the Township of Berkeley Heights and represented all constituents extremely well.  He will be completing his current term, and we thank him for his contributions to the town, notably his lead in successfully working with state and local entities to resolve the impact of the state imposed affordable housing requirements impacting our town.  His efforts have showcased his commitment to work for all of our residents and place Berkeley Heights in a position to thrive.  He has worked tirelessly over the last 2 ½ years to ensure that our tax base is strong, our residents have needed services and the cost of those services remains as low as possible.  A huge thank you for a job well done!

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Marc has followed the required process for candidate withdrawal by submitting his notice to the County Clerk.  The County Clerk officially notifies the County Republican Chair, as well as the local Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Chair, that the withdrawal has been received. The replacing of a candidate process directs that it is the local committee’s responsibility to fill the vacant Candidate seat.   Recognizing the importance of the process, we will select a replacement candidate and will announce, in accordance with the procedures and timeline required.   Upon completion of the process, I look forward to sharing that nominee with you and together with Jeanne Kingsley continuing the campaign of a ticket focused on Leadership, Action and Results.  The people of Berkeley Heights deserve no less!

Heidi Cohen

Chair, Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee